06 janvier 2012

But I thought you said you liked my smile look like

Says more than words alone can not calm down no one can understand, among other things, was the day I was thinking of you. Write more qianhua alone cannot also be aware of to heart Buy Cheapest WOW GoldConstantly does their, who is constantly seeking to find a similar soul? Their time is the reality of the self destruction, of their lives still goes by the distance.


Look at your space update said: "on flowers around but you sth less" look at your bit by bit in my mind, I really want to cry. But I thought you said you liked my smile look like, so I'll keep you like I used to like eyes tear in turn, died out. Memories image still in a certain moment, growing up in the wind raised his head looking up at the stars.


Our 19 years old, beautiful youth, clean face, dark hair, there was laughter in the air, just as when you first see when good, you're always walking on my right hand, hand in hand. Some fuzzy memories over the heart, a former Youth, you've been is bright and I on your mind, just a few short years, instantly eliminating perish, without any trace. But I never bloom in the world, and no longer return of calm is always our sweet memories!

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