06 janvier 2012

If you take the clear sky smile so please remember

A person walking in the dark streets, as if this road has no end, watching the Moon pull quite a long shadow, listen to twilight-like chant alone in the Moonlight, looking sad slowly crawls branches, at the mercy of darkness lonely rendering, and then drink a glass of wine, so scamper singing all the way go all the way! Had in heart loaded with full of yearning for, yearning for that sky in free fly of birds, yearning for that stray as youth melody of beat, wants to listening that one water flowing with light dance full show long tone, any years in weak then in rush goes by, always habits has in distant of distant zhiwai, in heart meditation with on you of blessing, always like in dispersed of Word lines wrote do gentle of line, retained in black and white of annals of in, has weathered of sad and that deep shallow of Miss. Who that passing water, fushengruomeng, that there is a group of people in your life to, and gone, leaving nothing, some left scars or the faint memory of depths, or even simply just character of rub shoulders with each other and then smile at each other, bye!


Fetters of life always perhaps too many, just as I, the bottom text for those never thoroughly interpretation of mind and suffer great agonies of the mind! Always likes to meditation in the heart of a person's name, then on rice paper, a pen sketch characterizations, deeply shallow spot memory scattered at this moment, do the poems of incense, winds, wide and far to, so when you listen to the wind, please remember that I convey the thoughts in the wind. If you take the clear sky smile too, so please remember here with a man who once had hands as you pick up that beautiful blue!

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