01 février 2012

But you have no response nothing happens and I let

You are always a bit childish, I'm aerobic and funny. Every word you said, I clearly recall, but you should all forget.For you, I'm nothing, just a passer. But for me, you are everything WOW Gold euWithout you, I don't know how to have a good life.


I am always very hard to say I love you. But you have no response, nothing happens and I let it go. But today you said you had a wife, he called TAQ, hehe. I cried, I am a coward, was injured at a time, only know to cry, feel yourself a coward.


I always say that I miss you love you or whatever, feel pretentious. Broke or what to say I love you, you will feel very guilty base. Oh, think I'm annoying, it's Needless to say, I will be able to guess. HA HA.


Part I, they hate their own, happy you said if I was not entitled to have it. Oh, say you want others to love you, yourself, to love yourself, is it because you don't love yourself, so you do not love me yet. HA HA. Silly silly idea don't love is not love, how can I also have reason to it.

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