10 février 2012

Sometimes I think allow yourself to start over

The world has too many helpless, had wanted to try to work towards, but in the end futile powerless, so give up, stop acting on it. Find an excuse to go to so they can, without going through the wind and rain will be able to see the Rainbow, dream kongyou can not fight. Yes, think of something, you can excuse yourself headlong fall, feel free after fall be kind, but he let himself even more sad.


Well, is not allowed. Sometimes I think, allow yourself to start over. But I always failed to honour their commitments. Always felt that paying too tired, dull, body fatigue. "Do you really want to accomplish anything in this short life? "I have been asking myself this question, the answer is yes ' want ' and does not want to? What does it mean? Meaning that I have to pay, pay is to stream a lot of sweat, a lot of tears, sometimes stream of flaming red blood.


Because in this cold cruel, survival of the fittest in society is not I think nothing of the kind, is also against the law, I will not do. ' Something ' that can only be done as a dream of an idea Buy WOW Gold Cheap"Dreams are often good, but the reality is cruel," said it is wrong

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